"I love this job because it is humble and respectable. It doesn't bore me and there is always plenty to learn with every call we get. You never know what the day is going to be like. One minute, you could be eating dinner and the next minute you could be running through a fire.


I have one dog. Her name is Nala and she's black Lab mix. She was abandoned so my roommate and I took her in and have been trying to give her the best life ever since. She is so intelligent! It wasn’t hard to train her. She picks up on things pretty easily.


I never really wanted a pet before, but when I saw Nala's picture, and heard she was thrown away, I had to take her in. She was about a month old at the time, and I knew I had the means to take care of her, so why not? My roommate, Chris, has also played an important role in raising her. It's been one of the best decisions of my life. She has brought me joy on some of my worst days, and after some of my worst shifts. She is just silly all around and as happy as can be. Jumping from couch to couch, play fighting with us around the house, etc. At the end of the day, I hope she knows how much she is loved."


Our thanks and appreciation to Willie for appearing in the 2019 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Willie Darrett, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department - Red White & Rescue Calendar 2019 - Special Pals

Willie Darrett, Firefighter, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

Years in Uniform: 1

Pictured with Mary, available for adoption at Special Pals