"I love my job because I get to experience something new every day. I get to be the first responder who takes the information and then appropriately disseminates it while managing the initial crisis. Every interaction I have is meaningful in some way, and I have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Nothing is better than that.


Less than a year ago I accepted a position as Program Coordinator for the department but I still dispatch every chance I get and make sure to keep up my license.


I have one cat named Sybil. She has a personality all her own and she gets along great with my son. She is a real cuddle bug. I adopted Sybil in 2008. She is a Cimera and has a perfectly split face. From the moment I saw her, I knew she was going to be mine. She was a tiny baby kitten and has grown into a beautiful adult cat."


Our thanks and appreciation to Rachel for appearing in the 2019 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Rachel Murray, Master Telecommunications Officer and Program Coordinator, Missouri City Police Department 

Years in Uniform: 12

Pictured with Freya, available for adoption from Special Pals