"I have the unique opportunity to work alongside, teach, and learn from some of the most dedicated public service professionals around. We constantly challenge one another to be better clinicians and strongest advocates for our patients, citizens and fellow responders. Getting to provide the highest level of pre-hospital medicine is exciting and invigorating, seeing the patients benefit from that medicine is very rewarding.


I have two orange tabby cats, Summer and Sunny. They were adopted in 2016. They lay on and with Vancouver all of the time. I wanted a cat and the family was out shopping, we stopped at a Petco to see if they had any cats available for adoption. Summer kind of chose me. She came over and was bouncing and playing with me. The Petco employees told us that Summer and Sunny were sisters, the last two of their litter, and always together. They didn’t want to separate them so we adopted them both. They are still inseparable.


Pets provide unconditional love, support and comfort. Someone once said that while your dog is a small part of your world, you are the whole world to your dog. That is the truth, dogs and cats are like family members.


Vancouver is a fulltime therapy dog for first responders, patients, and hospital staff.  Vancouver lives at home with my family. My wife, Tara, and I have three teenage daughters and a 1 year-old son in the house. The baby lays with Van and has been learning to walk by holding on to Van’s vest or sometimes even his ear. Vancouver is unfazed and walks with the baby, tail always wagging. They like to take one another’s toys and hide them. My son even holds his leash in the stroller on evening walks.


On May 8,, 2018, Vancouver was officially sworn in as the newest staff member of the Atascocita Fire Department. Vancouver responds to high stress calls like fatalities, pediatric injuries, upset children, or seniors. Vancouver is also on call for three local hospitals and responds to pediatric, special needs, and autistic patients upon request. Vancouver was deployed to large scale brushfires in early 2018 for firefighter rehab assignments.


Vancouver’s job is to comfort first responders. Many people are not aware the suicide rate of first responders is approaching that of veterans. Van can help police officers, EMTs, fire fighters, physicians, and nurses through some of their toughest moments. Vancouver also helps teach fire safety to the community by going on visits to senior centers and schools.


Vancouver HATES water of all kinds, including rain, sprinklers, pools, and even puddles! He doesn’t know he is a DOG and we try not to use the “d word” around him because we are pretty sure he thinks he is a person."


Our thanks and appreciation to Edward and Vancouver for appearing in the 2019 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Battalion Chief Edward Roth, Atascocita Fire Department

Years in Uniform: 26


Vancouver, Mental Health and Therapy Canine, Atascocita Fire Department

Years in Service: 1