"My job as a K9 handler allows me the opportunity to work alongside a partner who complements my strengths as well as my weaknesses both in the field and at home with my family. Being able to work and live together around the clock has built an unwavering trust between the two of us. Obedience and knowledge are key aspects to being a K9 handler, but it is also imperative these dogs can communicate with their handler as trained."


K9 Delta is an accelerant detection canine. He is a Malaherd and was born in Hungary. Delta joined the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office in 2014. He was donated to Fire Marshal’s Office through K9s4COPs. When not working, he likes to chase tennis balls.


Our thanks and appreciation to Eddy and K9 Delta for appearing in the 2019 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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K9 Handler Eddy Tessier, Investigator, Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office

Years in Uniform: 29


K9 Delta, Accelerant Detection Canine Unit

Years in Uniform: 4