"I have the best job in the world! Everyday is a new adventure filled with new challenges.  I meet some of the coolest people I would normally never have the opportunity to meet if I was stuck behind a desk all day.  I love community outreach and making an impact on people’s lives.  This community is what makes my job awesome and I am blessed to be a part of it.


We have 4 furry friends at home. Sonoma, a German shorthair mix, rescued as a puppy from an abusive owner; Lincoln, a Lab mix, rescued as an adult from an abusive owner who used him as a fight dog; Gretchen, a Terrier mix, rescued as a puppy from neglectful owner; and Olive, a general mix breed, rescued because my wife is a sucker for a cute puppy that looks like a goat.


I love how my pets are all a part of the family and they are always happy. We treat our dogs like kids. They travel with us, go on our boat, hang out in the pool, etc.  We have a great time together!


We have adopted all of our dogs for a few reasons. First, most people don't realize there are so many animals out there that need a loving home.  Most shelters are over-populated. Breeders don't need to breed more dogs, there are plenty of really good dogs out there already. Second, there are a lot of abusive people who do mean things to animals. If we could rescue all the animals that have been abused, we would. Third, adopted pets love you for taking them in. Animals are smart. Rescued animals know you gave them a second chance at life and they will love you more for it.


Sonoma, my German Shorthair mix, can wakeboard and tube behind our boat.  She will do anything for her tennis ball. It’s really funny to hide it and watch her look for it.  Gretchen has been on motorcycle rides with me. Lincoln is lazy and sleeps all day. Olive not only looks like a goat but destroys things like a goat. So much so that my wife and I sometimes think we own a goat.


I have such a passion for helping animals in need that I cofounded Sonoma's Haven, a nonprofit dog boarding facility for rescue dogs. We named it after my Sonoma, our first rescue dog."


Our thanks and appreciation to Don for appearing in the 2019 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Officer Don Hess, Fulshear Police Department

Years in Uniform: 2

Pictured with Myers, adopted from Special Pals