"I absolutely love this job because there is no discrimination towards others. We help all people. We see people at their absolute worst and they rely on us to save or protect their lives or property.


I have one dog named Gracie-Pooh. She was adopted and is the first dog I have ever owned. I love how good she is with kids, they could pet her all day and she would let them! She's a very happy pup and LOVES to swim. Her best friend is Lola, my family’s Chihuahua.


I chose to adopt Gracie-Pooh because I was in foster care myself. I know exactly how it feels not be wanted or have a place to call home. Though I'm too young to adopt a child I figured a dog would be perfect. Gracie-Pooh is my best girl!


I encourage everyone to consider adopting an animal if they are looking for a family pet. #AdoptDontShop"


Our thanks and appreciation to Alexis for appearing in the 2019 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Alexis Alvarez, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department - Red White & Rescue Calendar 2019 - Special Pals

Alexis Alvarez, Firefighter, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

Years in Uniform: 2

Pictured with Lacy, available for adoption at Special Pals