"I currently work for two different fire houses. My full-time job is with Houston Fire Department as an Engineer Operator. I also work part-time at Willowfork Fire Department a couple days a week. I love Willowfork because I am able to serve my local community. So many of our friends and family live in Katy and I like being close to home.

We have many pets at our house. We have a cat named Penny, an iguana named Ringo, and three dogs; Belle, Piper, and Chaps. We adopted Chaps from Special Pals in July 2015. He’s a big baby. My wife really wanted a Great Dane and I saw a post on Facebook one day that that Special Pals had a Dane puppy up for adoption. My kids were 5 and 6 at the time and I thought they were ready to handle a HUGE dog. Chaps is completely deaf so we’ve taught him simple sign language. He also follows Piper around and uses her help to make up for his hearing deficit. But for the most part he gets along just fine. He can sleep anywhere, anytime. If he falls asleep on you while you’re sitting on the couch, you aren’t getting up for a while.

I love my pets. I love how excited they are to see me when I get home off shift. They are more my family than just pets."

Our thanks and appreciation to John for appearing in the 2018 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Special Pals Red White & Rescue Calendar - John Morris - Willowfork Fire Department & HFD

John Morris, Firefighter/EMT, Willowfork Fire Department and Houston Fire Department

Years in Uniform: 9

Pictured with Chaps, adopted from Special Pals in 2015