"I love my job because it allows me to help those in need and to serve the community in many ways. 

My family currently has three pugs: Shaggy, Scooby, and Patrick. Scooby and Patrick are our foster fails and Shaggy selected us at an adoption event. Pugs are great because they are very loving. We chose to adopt because so many wonderful pets needed a safe and loving forever home, and we knew we could provide one. Did you know that a pack of three or more pugs is called a grumble? My family has a grumble of pugs!

I wanted to participate in the Red White & Rescue calendar to help raise awareness of animals waiting to find their forever home. There are so many wonderful rescue organizations in our community with dogs and cats needing good homes."

Our thanks and appreciation to Detective Murphy for appearing in the 2018 Red White & Rescue Calendar and for serving our community!

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Special Pals Red White & Rescue Calendar - Fort Bed County Sheriff - Detective Murphy

Detective Jesse Murphy, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

Years in Uniform: 19